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Stress Relieving with Raking, Tedx, and Runs

ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL THANKSGIVING BREAK! YAY!!! Here’s what the past week looked like: Monday More lab report writing and the normal classes. I did come home to realize that the straps on my awesome backpack were coming apart! My current backpack is actually my sister’s old backpack…she made it last for over 4 years,… Continue reading Stress Relieving with Raking, Tedx, and Runs

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Week in Review: Orgo Cookies and Apple Roses

I should probably adopt a more consistent style for my posts…but playing around with different things is fun. I had a little more exciting week than normal last week and thought I’d do a little week in review with some Snapchats and other pictures 🙂 Monday Exciting is really not the word for last Monday,… Continue reading Week in Review: Orgo Cookies and Apple Roses

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Recipes for Procrastination

It’s been another weekend of constant studying, so I thought I’d do something different this week and share some of the fun and interesting apps/pages/etc. I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

Note: Most of these things are probably how I waste so much time so… beware. But most of them are interesting, so maybe it’s not procrastination if you’re spending time learning? haha

Tasty (Facebook Page)

You’ve probably seen this on your Facebook newsfeed because one of your friends liked a video. It’s a Buzzfeed page that posts 1 minute videos with unique or easy recipes. You start watching one because it’s so short and 30 minutes later you’re like…how did I just waste so much time watching recipes I’ll never make?

But honestly, I feel like I will have to try some of these recipes because they look so doable! Plus, the videos are just fun to watch 🙂

Pocket Points

My roommate discovered this app and the concept is so cool! The app is pretty slow and buggy and only works in select universities though, so that can be annoying. But basically, you open the app when class starts and if you don’t open any other app for the duration of your class, you get points. You collect points and can redeem them for coupons off local food places or online shopping. Our local personalized cookie shop has a deal for free dozen chocolate chip cookies with 140 points!

I don’t use my phone during class anyway, so it’s rewarding me for stuff I already do! The harder part is remembering to open the app every class. But you can get good deals for a small amount of points…like my roommate and I are planning to go to Red Mango (frozen yogurt place) after our Orgo exam Tuesday and using the $1 off deal from the app! The other day I bought Red Mango for $3.25, so I’d say $1 is a good deal for less than 30 points.

Google Play Radio

So this is basically Spotify or Pandora, but since I already have the Google Play Music app on my Android phone, it’s really convenient because it’s not an extra app with an extra account.

Of course I take a screenshot when my battery is low and I have 1,000 notifications going on 🙂

I’ve been using it a lot because when I’m at a louder place, I can play this “radio” and for some reason, my brain cancels out the sound of people talking and the music and lets me study in peace. (Does anyone else do this?)

Pakistani Dramas

I’m always watching 1-2 Pakistani dramas during my weekly free time, although the ones I’m following right now are really not that great so I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with you at all. 🙂

But currently, I’m watching Madawa and Mol (OST above) and my biggest issue with both dramas is that people are either good or bad. In High School, my English Lit teacher debated with a girl why Harry Potter is not considered “Classic Literature,” and his main point was that in Harry Potter, the characters are either good or evil, there is no in-between or change. Realistic, classic stories have dynamic characters that have more grey area in their personality.

But once you get started on a drama, you just wanna know what happens next. So I guess I’ll keep following these shows until they end!

Great British Bake Off

There were pictures all over my social media feeds about the Muslim Bengali-English woman who won the Great British Bake Off competition. I randomly looked up the show and watched the finale episode, and IT WAS SO GOOD!

I generally don’t watch American reality TV shows, but I know (from my roommate watching Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Real Housewives, and more) that they involve lots of unnecessary drama. But this show had no drama! Everyone was so nice to each other and it was all about the quality of cooking (isn’t that what a cooking competition SHOULD be about?).

After watching this finale episode, I wanna go back and watch all the episodes from this season! Maybe during thanksgiving break 😉

Disabilities and College Campuses 

I shared this on my twitter a bit back, but this article was written by a graduate from my university about how college campuses in America are still not doing enough to accommodate all their students. (Link)

I found this article insightful for many reasons: for one, I’ve been very aware recently of how limited the college crowd is. There’s a huge portion of the population who doesn’t go to college (and especially a public 4 year university like mine) and it’s important to be aware of the diversity that exists outside the college campus boundaries, especially as I move towards being public service worker (that’s one way to define a doctor) that will deal with all types of people. Lots of people with disabilities probably avoid my college for the extra challenges they would face with this campus.

The other reason this article was great was because it provided a first person perspective into how someone with disabilities perceives interactions with strangers and how they want to be addressed. I know I can be really bad about using the right words for these type of situations, so I certainly found the article helpful in increasing my knowledge!

That’s a few of the cool things I’ve come across recently. What articles, apps, shows, or Facebook pages have you found recently that are really interesting? 

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Cushioning the College Experience with Good Food

We’re almost halfway through the semester! Ahhh! The time did seem to go by relatively fast because when our first exams started popping up around week 4/5, I felt very surprised. But after those first few weeks, there’s tests/quizzes/essays all the time,so the daily grind continues. Here’s a bit of highlights from the first half… Continue reading Cushioning the College Experience with Good Food