Stress Relieving with Raking, Tedx, and Runs


Here’s what the past week looked like:


More lab report writing and the normal classes. I did come home to realize that the straps on my awesome backpack were coming apart! My current backpack is actually my sister’s old backpack…she made it last for over 4 years, and I’m ruining it in less than 2 😦 Oops. I just really like this backpack because it fits everything I need (and I like to carry EVERYTHING around) and it doesn’t hurt my back…qualities that are hard to find in a backpack.

Much to my sister’s surprise, I sewed the strap back up πŸ™‚


The weather was gorgeous last Tuesday! (I’ve been saying that a lot, haven’t I? We’ve had such an awesome, perfect fall! It’s barely cold at all most days).

Took this picture as I came out of my parked car and looked up! Love the fall leaves.

Also, as I was perusing my Facebook, I kept seeing the big Starbucks’ cups debate (if you didn’t see all the posts, here’s an article summarizing it all). Of course, that debate is ridiculous for multiple reasons, but no publicity is bad publicity, right? Because I really wanted to drink some Starbucks after seeing all those tweets and Facebook statuses about it…and I don’t even like Starbucks. πŸ™‚


Every Starbucks drink I’ve tried is either not sweet enough or just not that tasty. I have yet to find a hot drink of theirs that I would buy again. But I got the Java Chocolate Chip Frappe on Tuesday and actually REALLY liked it. Now, I don’t think that small cup is worth $4.50 (that’s crazy!) but I guess I finally found a Starbucks drink I like? Yay for Facebook controversies subconsciously convincing me to buy Starbucks for no reason πŸ˜›


coffee shoes
I think this is a sign I need to drink less coffee

I claim I don’t drink a lot of coffee, and then I end up buying coffee all the time. But on Wednesday, I had a quick break to get some coffee so I went to the little cafe in the Biology building to make my coffee flavored French Vanilla Creamer (haha) but…I spilled it all.

Which isn’t really a big deal… I didn’t have enough time to make another one (it takes me a while with all those sugar packets and creamer pumps), but I’m not that dependent on coffee. But, I did ruin my shoes. I’ve been trying to get it off with Tide’s Spot Cleaner pen…but it’s not helping all that much. Maybe I’ll try throwing the shoes in the washer?


Thursday was a slightly stressful day. I had a Organic Chem Lab quiz in the morning, and I thought I did really well (considering I studied quite a bit for it) but after discussing it with my roommate, I realized I did really bad because of some silly mistakes. For some reason, this just really put me over the stress cliff edge and made me fall into a little breakdown….which is extremely abnormal for me. The funny thing is, I later realized that I didn’t miss one of the big things I thought I did, so I didn’t do as bad as I thought I did. The nice thing was, though, that we went to a Habitat build like we always do and that really helped take my mind off things!

More caulking! Habitat builds are best stress reliever ever!

We left a little early because I had a physics exam that I had to study some more for…which was part of the reason I got so worked up, expecting that exam not to go well either (it somehow went really well though).

After the exam, with all the major work done, I was so energized and wanted to go run because I’ve read so many other people say that going out for a run really helps them focus and get rid of stress.

This is probably the worst stats ever…but I haven’t run in over a year and know nothing about proper running, so…. πŸ™‚

The campus gym is a 2-3 minute walk from my apartment, so I should really be visiting that place more than I have all semester. It was nice to go run, though! I was able to do a better run:walk ratio than I was expecting after all this time of sitting around. I think I’ll surely be going on more runs soon πŸ™‚

I love this little cardio room in the gym. There’s a huge floor in the gym with tons of cardio machines, but that can be overwhelming. This little room is perfect!


There’s a famous deli that serves breakfast all day super close to campus that I’ve been to once before and went with my roommate again Friday!

We basically treated this like an appetizer because it came WAAY before all the other food. SOO GOOOD
We basically treated this like an appetizer because it came WAAY before all the other food. SOO GOOOD

Everything was awesome as expected. I got this really unique breakfast wrap, a chocolate milkshake, and then my roommate and I decided to split a pancake.

Breakfast food for lunch!

If you’re wondering why we “split” a pancake, it’s because their pancakes are ENORMOUS. Like the size of a large plate. The pancake is also super fluffy and thick and delicious! Talking about it makes me want to eat it again, it’s so good.

I was taking this and saying, “What do we use for scale?” The pack of silverware was our best nearby tool πŸ™‚ But seriously…this is so huge you can’t even see the large plate underneath it!

That night we had bought tickets to our university’s first Tedx event! The event lasted 3 hours and consisted of 8 speakers. Overall the event was an interesting and intriguing experience…although a lot of the talks related to Earth Space Science and that is not a particularly interesting subject for me. One of the speakers was a renowned painter who talked about dealing with her mother’s cancer diagnosis and then death, and I found her perspective very insightful. Other talks were just entertaining because of their presentation.

The stage was done so beautifully! Sadly couldn’t capture it well on camera.

I hadn’tΒ been to a big auditorium event yet so it was just a fun evening doing that!

Saturday and Sunday

These two days flew by in a blur because basically all I did was rake, rake, and rake some more leaves.


Our campus Habitat for Humanity chapter hosts a Rake-a-thon every year where we rake houses around the community in exchange for donations to Habitat. It’s an extremely lucrative event that is also very volunteer heavy…and being a board member, I signed up to rake for 3 different shifts which meant I raked all day Saturday and then Sunday morning.


Remember how I said I haven’t run in forever earlier? Well I am just really bad about exercising overall, so 11 hours of raking was quite an extreme jump on physical activity for me. My lower back muscles still feel super sore! But it was a fun weekend πŸ™‚ I never rake leaves at home because we don’t get THAT many leaves and my dad normally just mows over them. But some of these houses had like a 2 inch layer of leaves all over their property! It was fun seeing the clean, green yards when we were done.

And that’s it! I realized that I turned this blog into a “weekly life review” blog instead of more of a Premed blog that I started with. So, look forward to more posts in the future that add some variety. I’m thinking of keeping this weekly review set-up, with potentially an extra weekly day where I talk classes, studying, being PreMed, Habitat, and other focused topics. Any suggestions on what you’d like to see?


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