I started writing this post sometime in the summer of 2016…and then never quite finished! Publishing this now (backdated), even though it’s incomplete. ❤

I had this great 13ish week streak of blogging, and then I disappeared. Oops! It wasn’t planned of course…but when you skip one week, skipping the next week(s) gets easier and easier. But I’m back! Yay! Let’s hope I can break my weekly blogging record this time 😉

So in the time since I last blogged, my sister had a baby girl (yayay so cute MashAllah), I finished my 2nd year of college (ahh!),  I started studying for the MCAT (sorta), and also started working with my first research study! I actually kindda sound like a premed now :p

College year 2 was certainly better than college year 1, but it had its fair share of ups and downs. I finally finished with physics and orgo classes (WOOT!), switched my major a few more times, and got EMT certified!

Here’s a few of my favorite memories from the past 7 months:

Seasons Changing

I go to a really pretty college and sometimes I remember to look around and appreciate it all, like on a clear, pretty fall day when the orange leaves were in full blast. I noticed that the tree on top of my car looked GORGEOUS and decided to snap some pictures…and they turned out so nice that I decided to try to grab similar shots throughout the remaining seasons. I’m really happy with how the combination photo turned out! I wish this tree bloomed more in the spring (some of the trees have such beautiful flowers for a few weeks of spring!) but it’s okay. Part of the fun of these pictures is that it reminds me of sitting in my car on my phone after parking, trying to avoid going inside and getting some work done 😉



Did I mention my sister had a baby?! 🙂 We went down to Texas during Spring break to see her newborn and then she came up a few weeks ago. Having nieces and nephews is the best.  I am certainly not ready for any sort of parenting life yet (just playing with my 2+ year old nephews and trying to teach them sharing and not fake crying is hard!), but rocking cute babies to sleep is absolutely the best.

Made some mini bracelets for her



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